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Organix Cosmetix Prebiotic Care

Prebiotic cosmetics are designed to rebalance consumers' skin microbiotica, in order to improve the health of the skin and to enhance its natural beauty.

Microbiotica consists of billions of bacteria, viruses and parasites that co-exist in our bodies and on our skin (about 2-3 more than the number of our skin cells!) The microbiotica plays an important role in maintaining our health and beauty, as long as it's well-balanced. However, factors such as UV exposure, pollution and stress threaten and disrupt the microbiota balance. This imbalance may lead to numerous skin conditions, such as dehydration, irritation, redness, dullness and eventually – premature aging.

Organix Cosmetix's prebiotic skincare is based on Actibiome, an active ingredient sourced from algae and mineral water that rebalances the microbiotica and provides a more even and illuminated complexion. In addition, it contains CityStemTM, an active ingredient that provides anti-pollution and anti blue light protection, to maintain the skin and microbiota as balanced as possible. Coupled with additional active ingredients and plant extract, the line may improve health and beauty within 2 weeks.